Q: Why Psiram?
A: The internet has room for many ideas. This is a good thing. But on the other hand, you can find a lot of outright bullshit there. We try to correct this a little.

Q: Who is behind Psiram?
A: Psiram is run by a group of people from various countries. Some met on the internet, some knew each other before. Most of us went to a university. This is not a requirement to join, however.

Q: Are you aggressive atheists?
A: Psiram is not about belief. We are not for or against any religion, but restrain ourselves to questions where there is evidence. Sometimes this brings us in conflict with certain aspects of religion, like creationism. But we know very well that not all religious folks are creationists. However, most active Psiramers are atheists, indeed. On the other hand, many religious people read our blog or consult our wiki, and we like it that way.

Q: Hasn’t Psiram been convicted for libel already?
A: No. You cannot sentence a web site. No Psiramer has ever been sentenced for his work at our wiki or blog. If somebody claims otherwise, ask for a reference. Some conmen we exposed tried to sue us. All these proceedings have been suspended. It is not illegal to expose fraud and quackery.

Q: Isn’t Psiram run by a pediatrician from Frankfurt?
A: No. He used to write in our forum for some time, and we blogged him on his 60th birthday. He neither wrote in the wiki nor in the blog. He got suspected because one of us left an IP pointing to Frankfurt. About 664.000 people live in Frankfurt. For this vague clue he was massively stalked by phone and on the internet. We know why we prefer to be anonymous…

Q: Why do you slander innocent people?
A: We simply don’t, although this claim is often voiced. All our „victims“ went public with their ideas themselves. They can do so, and we can respond to that. If we respond, we give citations and references to back our claims. Everybody can check that and make up their own mind. Of course, we are only human, and we do make mistakes. Our German wiki has 3.800 pages. We collect our mistakes on a page called Errata.

Q: You are being funded by Big Pharma!
A: No. Psiram costs 150 € per month and they are paid by our members. Oh, and the CIA, the NSA and B’nai B’rith don’t sponsor us, either.

Q: Why do you imitate Wikipedia?
A: We use a wiki software called Mediawiki. This is free software and used by many web projects, amongst them Wikipedia. That’s why all these projects look alike. We have our own logo to indicate we are a project on our own. BTW, the main difference to Wikipedia is that not everybody is allowed to write at Psiram. Many pros dislike Wikipedia for the endless discussion they have there with, umm, less gifted people. This is different here.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: By email to info at psiram dot com or by registering in the forum https://forum.psiram.com