Heute morgen im Auto…

.. hatte ich natürlich wieder meinen treuen iPod an, der mir meine Stunde Fahrt immer versüßt. Gehört habe ich MC Hawking, und wer den nicht kennt, sollte mal reinhören:

What We Need More Of Is Science
I’m a disciple of science
I know the universe is compliance with natural laws,
but many place reliance on the pseudo-science of quacks and
morons and fools because,
their educations deficient,
they put faith in omniscient,
make believe beings who control their fate,
but the Hawk aint with it, dig it,
their Holy writ aint the least bit legit,
its a bunch of bullshit.

They need to read a book that ain’t so damn old,
let reason take hold,
though truth to be told,
they’re probably already too far gone,
withdrawn, the conclusion foregone.
But maybe there is still hope for the young,
if they reject the dung being slung from the tongues,
of the ignorant fools who call themselves preachers,
and listen instead to their science teachers.

Upon blind faith they place reliance,
what we need more of is science!

Trash Talk
Uh yeah, that’s right!
Fundamentalist assholes!
Screw the hole lot of them.

Verse 2
Look, I ain’t Thomas Dolby,
science doesn’t blind me,
think you’re smart? Form a line behind me,
you won’t find me, truth to tell,
to be a man who suffers fools very well.
Quite the opposite in fact,
I aint got time to interact,
with crystal wearing freaks in need of a smack.
New age motherfuckers? Don’t get me started,
I made more sense than them, last time I farted.

Not to put too fine a point upon it,
but the whole new age movement is full of shit.
Please allow me to elaborate,
explicate, expatiate.
from astral projection to zygomancy its a,
mish mash of idiocy.
Instead of the archaic worship of seasons,
they should explore logic and reason.


Trash Talk
Fucking new-agers!
Is there any amount of bullshit they won’t swallow?
It’s two-thousand-aught-three goddammit!
When are these morons gonna join us in the 21st century?

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