Brooke „Medicine Eagle“ Edwards – Plastic Shaman with some 40 Years of Experience in Fleecing

Edwards is one of the plastic shamans in business for several decades and has been exposed as a fake so often everyone should be aware of what she is. One example is Edwards being renounced as a plastic shame-on in an AIM resolution passed during its 1984 National Leadership Conference, in which she is aptly called Brooke „Medicine Ego“. Unfortunately, her being debunked as a fake did not take her out of business, and in 2015, Ms Edwards will come to Europe (Malta, Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain) looking for more sheep to fleece with workshops, seminars, and „shamanic conferences“, and she will also visit Damanhur community in Italy which is a cult masking itself as an ecologically-minded „intentional community“. In Germany, she will participate in a so-called „Medicine Wheel Gathering“ organised by the Bear Tribe which was founded by plastic shaman Vincent LaDuke aka Sun Bear.

Indeed Edwards has maintained ties to the Bear Tribe since 30 or 40 years and cooperated with LaDuke resp. the Bear Tribe in the USA. The medicine wheel as used in the Newage scene, and by Ms Edwards, is largely an invention employed by LaDuke to appeal to an affluent white clientele.

At the Bear Tribe gathering, Edwards will also meet Francis Talbot aka Manitonquat or Medicine Story who poses as a Wampanoag elder and medicine person. Indigenous activists in the USA have been working for years to convince authorities Talbot was a fake, as several prisons used to accept him to do ceremonies for imprisoned indigenous persons. He is regularly touring Europe for summer camps in various countries, and cooperates with ZEGG, Tamera, and Findhorn.