Brooke „Medicine Eagle“ Edwards – Plastic Shaman with some 40 Years of Experience in Fleecing

Edwards is one of the plastic shamans in business for several decades and has been exposed as a fake so often everyone should be aware of what she is. One example is Edwards being renounced as a plastic shame-on in an AIM resolution passed during its 1984 National Leadership Conference, in which she is aptly called Brooke „Medicine Ego“. Unfortunately, her being debunked as a fake did not take her out of business, and in 2015, Ms Edwards will come to Europe (Malta, Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain) looking for more sheep to fleece with workshops, seminars, and „shamanic conferences“, and she will also visit Damanhur community in Italy which is a cult masking itself as an ecologically-minded „intentional community“. In Germany, she will participate in a so-called „Medicine Wheel Gathering“ organised by the Bear Tribe which was founded by plastic shaman Vincent LaDuke aka Sun Bear.

Indeed Edwards has maintained ties to the Bear Tribe since 30 or 40 years and cooperated with LaDuke resp. the Bear Tribe in the USA. The medicine wheel as used in the Newage scene, and by Ms Edwards, is largely an invention employed by LaDuke to appeal to an affluent white clientele.

At the Bear Tribe gathering, Edwards will also meet Francis Talbot aka Manitonquat or Medicine Story who poses as a Wampanoag elder and medicine person. Indigenous activists in the USA have been working for years to convince authorities Talbot was a fake, as several prisons used to accept him to do ceremonies for imprisoned indigenous persons. He is regularly touring Europe for summer camps in various countries, and cooperates with ZEGG, Tamera, and Findhorn.

Our friends at NAFPS a few years ago researched that participants of these camps complained about high prices, which was topped by Talbot at least once claiming he had his wallet stolen on the trip to Germany and letting people know in no uncertain terms that he expected them to collect money in the way of damages. Soon afterwards, the forum and website preparing the German summer camps were not publically accessible any longer.
NAFPS also received a confirmation that camp organisers and participants in Germany were well aware that Talbot was no Wampanoag but white, when a member of the organising team admitted this in a public forum and on a discussion page of Wikipedia.

In the same way, Edwards is posing as an alleged member of the Crow Nation and as having grown up on the Crow reservation, with relatives in an adjacent reservation. For a short period of time, she even published a fake enrollment card on her website which the Crow Nation revealed as a forgery. The Crow say they know neither Edwards nor her family. Still Edwards claims to be Crow but meanwhile changed her story and now calls herself a „non-traditional member of the tribe“, perhaps in an attempt to come up with a reason why she would not be able to present an enrollment card. This is of course ridiculous, as „traditionality“, however defined, is not a prerequisite to gain enrollment.

Edwards also claims descent from more indigenous nations, as was published at Wikipedia: „She has ancestors in six native tribes (Crow, Nez Perce, Lakota, Cree, Peigan and Cherokee) as well as European blood from Scotland, Ireland, and Denmark.“ It has to be noted that Edwards seems to use the Anglo names of these nations, not their own. However, Edwards also presents another peculiarity, in her book „Buffalo Woman Comes Singing“ published in New York in 1991: she claims her family had relatives on a reservation adjacent to the Crow rez in Montana with an indigenous nation called „Shinela“. It does not take too much time to find out that the only reservation adjacent to the Crow rez is that of the Northern Cheyenne. The term „Shinela“ is known only to Edwards and her stout followers – no-one else has ever heard of an indigenous nation of that name. Of course back in 1991, Ms Ewards could not simply google the word, so Google now presents her fake „Shinela“ tribe together with entries suggesting that the term is a word for „sandal“ in a language spoken in the Philippines. The Google result we liked most was this: „Shinela is a Twink in the Forums“.

To round off the picture: Edwards claims to have studied and practiced Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as having studied with indigenous medicine persons from nations all over North America (this claim clearly reveals her for the plastic shame-on she is) and particularly an alleged Cheyenne medicine woman whose name is rendered just as „Stands Near the Fire“, and in Peru. An older version of the Wikipedia article on Edwards claims: „She gained an MA in Counseling Psychology from Mankato State University, and was awarded a PhD from the Open International University.“ Open International University, however, does not sound too reputable, but Edwards does use the title in her LinkedIn profile, posing as „Dr. Brooke Medicine Eagle“, where she also describes her professional position as „Earthkeeper“. She also gets apostrophied as a „sacred ecologist“. However, quite like many Newagers with ambitions, Edwards also claims to have received awards nobody else has heard of, like a „special Magical Blend Millennium Award“ which allegedly was also rewarded to the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Oprah Winfrey etc. Did anybody ever inform Gorbachev or the Dalai Lama about this honour?

There is another particular issue Edwards uses to make a profit – the „Red Tent“ business, allegedly a lodge for women. On her Facebook site, Edwards publishes a video of an event taking place in an alleged red tent. However, what Edwards would like to pass for a tent is a huge Mongolian yurt. The video presents white women dancing in the yurt, and most of them wear shawls and outfits more suited to do belly dance with. And this garbage is literally sold to paying clients as „Native American“.

Now, would you buy a used car from this woman?

Brooke „Medicine Eagle“ Edwards

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