chiropractic is a bogus treatment, quacks

Libel laws: a lethal muzzle of medicine
Ben Goldacre, Thursday 15 April 2010 20.00 BST

After two years of pursuing one man through the courts, at a cost to him of £200,000 and two years‘ work, the British Chiropractic Association yesterday dropped their libel case against science writer Simon Singh. The case was over a piece he wrote for the Guardian in these very pages (now republished at Comment is free), criticising the BCA for claiming that its members could treat children for colic, ear infections, asthma, prolonged crying, and sleeping and feeding conditions by manipulating their spines….

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  1. Vielleicht sollte Esowatch hier noch auf die beiden älteren Blogbeiträge zu Simon Singh verlinken oder hinweisen.

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