Yogi Prahlad Jani

We´ve translated our wiki-article about Prahlad Jani into english:

Prahlad Jani (Jay Ambe Prahaladbhai Maganlal Jani, real name Chunriwala Mataji, called by aderents also „Mataji“ or „goddess“, born August 13, 1929) is an indian fakir and Jainism-follower from Gujarat who claims that he did not eat usual food or drink since he was eight years old, (meaning since 74 years in relation to today, 2010). Claims of this sort are known as Inedia. Jani himself believes in a miraculous gift of indian goddess Amba Mata, and that a mysterious fluid called „Amrit“-nectar may feed him through a „hole“ in his palate….


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They aren’t doing the right tests!
Category: Skepticism
Posted on: April 29, 2010 10:14 PM, by PZ Myers

Some yogi in India claims that he hasn’t eaten, drunk, or used a bathroom in 70 years.
Yeah, right.
Now the Indian military is studying him because, obviously, soldiers who don’t need to be provisioned would be rather useful…which assumes that this nonsense is even worth studying.

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  1. PZ Myers

    That your can´t imagine such stuff, doesn´t means its not exist!!
    Why do you believe in God, or bacteries,
    did you see some of it???


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