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Tullio Simoncini therapy found another victim

20. Juni 2011 17 Kommentare

Brian William Haw, peace protester and symbol of the anti-war movement over the policies of both the United Kingdom and the United States in Afghanistan and later Iraq, has died in Berlin in the early hours of 18 June 2011. Haw was well known for protest before the UK parliament, where he lived in a camp since 2001. The British Newspaper „The Guardian“ commented his death with the following words:
„Brian did not stop the Iraq war, but he will be remembered as a man who stood against it and put his life at the disposal of those who were against that hideous operation. He will be sadly missed and his death marks the end of a historic enterprise by a man who gave everything to support his beliefs.“

Haw was admitted to a hospital on September 23, 2010, where he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctors proposed an operation to remove some of the cancer and then chemotherapy and while it is moot to speculate about his 5 year prognosis, it probably looked grim. Unfortunately for Brian Haw, he was visited by David Icke in the hospital during that time, the same David Icke, that is known for his belief that earth was ruled by reptiloid shapeshifters (among them The Queen, Bill Clinton and Jack Bauer!). And David Icke convinced Brian that there was this revolutionary treatment by this suppressed Italian doctor: Tullio Simoncini.

Tullio Simoncini claims that cancer is no more than a fungus and that it can be cured with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) only. To explain the fungus, Simoncini argues this is due to “excess acidity” of the body, which allows the fungus free rein. Needless to say, Simoncini has lost his medical approbation years ago, has 3 convictions for fraud, has been sued by the families of several victims and has been convicted for the wrongful death of a patient.

David Icke arranged for Brian to have this „revolutionary treatment“ through one Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic, a clinic where you can be cured of basically anything. With alternative medicine of course, no proven treatments, please! On December 18, 2010 Icke asked for for money to cover treatment on his website and announced just a couple of days later that funds were sufficient.

On New Year’s Day Brian Haw left for Germany, to a „clinic“ in Berlin. On April 9, 2011 the webmaster of announced that Brian Haw’s treatment consisted of intravenous Vitamin C and Sodium Bicarbonate. Brian Haw is dead now.