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Storm the animated movie

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„Storm the animated movie“

via http://www.timminchin.com/2011/04/08/storm/

Beim Skeptical Inquirer gibt´s noch ein aktuelles Interview mit Tim Minchin:
Spreading the Skeptical Word through Music and Comedy

Spreading the Skeptical Word through Music and Comedy

Curiouser and Curiouser
Kylie Sturgess
April 7, 2011
Spreading the Skeptical Word through Music and Comedy

An Interview with Tim Minchin

When I got a closer look at Australian actor, comedian, and musician Tim Minchin’s eyes, I discovered that kooky contact lenses make his irises a weird shade of turquoise. At the time, I was helping him check his teeth for any residue after his breakfast of toast at the Blue Waters cafe on Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia, prior to filming an interview. It’s not exactly typical of my interviews, but it did lead to a conversation on how branding and appearance matter when building a reputation as a polished performer—even if you do play piano with bare feet and have scarecrow-style straightened hair….

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  1. pufaxx
    8. April 2011, 15:25 | #1

    Das ist ja RICHTIG gut. Schön zu gucken.

  2. FrankN.Stein
    8. April 2011, 16:08 | #2

    Minchin ist großartig. Aber als Clip ist er gleich nochmal so genial.

  3. Birk
    10. April 2011, 11:52 | #3

    Sehr schönes Video.

  4. Rainer Zueni-Smous
    29. Juli 2012, 22:32 | #4

    Auch wenn ich mit meinem untrainierten Schulenglisch nicht alles auf Anhieb verstanden habe; da kann man ja sogar an Hip Hop noch was gutes finden…

    Einfach toll.

  5. FMH
    16. Oktober 2012, 16:07 | #5

    @Rainer Zueni-Smous
    Ich glaube nur nicht, dass das Hip Hop sein soll

  1. 18. Oktober 2012, 01:57 | #1