Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about EHEC: A superbug with the license to kill

Not only us Germans have our heroes, who invoke a feces-jihad(„Fäkalien-Dschihad“), we want to thank our U.S. friend Mike Adams, the health ranger, for his recent contribution to the EHEC discussion.

He explains us that EHEC is in fact a bioengineered superbug, created for the sole purpose to take total control over the global food supply by outlawing raw sprouts, raw milk and raw vegetables.

Fear and terror shall pave the way to tyranny, small farms shall be crushed and everyone put under the iron rule of uh, uh, somebody.

All this only briefly after the EU banned all herbal remedies and dietary supplements to keep people sick and weak. For fresh vegetables are medicine and not as evil as genetically modified food, whose only purpose is to contaminate the food supply with genetic code that causes widespread infertility among human beings. The despicable, false cucumber attack on Spain by the GMO(genetic modified organisms) conspiracy was caused by their resistance against the forced sterilization of the population.

But who has created this superbug? Big Pharma, of course! They have the means, they have the motive. Don’t forget: They do not want us to drink milk and eat cucumbers!

Thank god, the Health Ranger has a solution for all our problems: Colloidal silver! This universal remedy, suppressed by evil, evil regulators with the sole purpose to take away all means to save ourselves. Isn’t it nice that the Health Ranger gives us the possibility to purchase it in his shop in bottles for just $11.99. A true philanthropist.


EsoWatch thanks Mike Adams for showing that even an Udo Ulfkotte is just an amateur in stupefaction of the people…

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