Edzard Ernst and the Half-Quack Prince

When we contacted Edzard Ernst about the disgraceful interview in the Telegraph, we were presented with the opportunity to do a full interview. It was very interesting and a bit alarming… As you may know, Edzard Ernst is the first Professor of Complementary Medicine, and more or less retired, two years prior to the official … Weiterlesen

Edzard Ernst versus poor journalism in The Telegraph

Bitte beachten, dieser Artikel existiert auch auf Deutsch: https://blog.psiram.com/?p=3908 During these last few weeks, we blogged a lot about poor journalism in German publications, as e.g. „Die Welt“ and in „GEO“. When we noticed a recent interview in the „Telegraph“ with Edzard Ernst, we were enthused, since we are huge fans of Mr Ernst. We … Weiterlesen

Mercola – The Stupid, It Burns!

Source: Plognark „Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.“ — Albert Einstein Well, in the days of the internet, this famous quote by Einstein is proven true every day. On some occasions, however, real gems will appear. Not out of nowhere, no, they grow from … Weiterlesen

Tullio Simoncini therapy found another victim

Brian William Haw, peace protester and symbol of the anti-war movement over the policies of both the United Kingdom and the United States in Afghanistan and later Iraq, has died in Berlin in the early hours of 18 June 2011. Haw was well known for protest before the UK parliament, where he lived in a … Weiterlesen

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about EHEC: A superbug with the license to kill

Not only us Germans have our heroes, who invoke a feces-jihad(„Fäkalien-Dschihad“), we want to thank our U.S. friend Mike Adams, the health ranger, for his recent contribution to the EHEC discussion. He explains us that EHEC is in fact a bioengineered superbug, created for the sole purpose to take total control over the global food … Weiterlesen

A Plea for Natural Laws

Dear English-language readers of Esoblog, our campaign promoting the observance of natural laws is waaay too splendid than to restrict it to German readers. Therefore, we would like to make these impressive campaign tools available in English language, too. They are not subject to copyrights and may be used in any context or for any … Weiterlesen


Treffer-Versenkt: Ich glaube ich habe den Code durchschaut. „offen“ oder „offen für eine neue Sichtweise“ bedeutet „lässt sich reinlegen“ „dogmatisch“ bedeutet „lässt sich nicht reinlegen“ UMa· 06.03.09 · 08:55 Uhr Gefunden haben wir das auf Florians vorzüglichem Blog Astrodicticum Simplex in einer Diskussion über Astrologie.

Mensch, der Balder!

Dreksler & Balder: „Das ist doch alles Bullshit!“ ROSSDORF. (gwup) DerSkeptiker 2/2008 ist erschienen. Als Auszug eines der Themen:“Wunschbestellungen ans Universum“ sind ein Esoterik-Supertrend. Doch hinter den Verheißungen von Bestseller-Autoren wie Bärbel Mohr oder Rhonda Byrne verbirgt sich wenig mehr als „Bullshit“ – schreiben die TV-Produzenten Jacky Dreksler und Hugo Egon Balder in ihrer satirischen, … Weiterlesen